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Mural for/with Ansteys kids

Ansteys is making space for a new play area for the children that live in the building and I have been painting murals that portray the journeys and stories of the differing backgrounds the children, currently living in the inner city Johannesburg, have. The murals largely work as a map, sometimes leading to abstracted cities with familiar sites like the recycle men pulling loads of cardboard on their wheeled-boards, somtimes leading to villages and rural life familiar to those who come from the Eastern Cape, other times they lead to giant creatures hidden in corners. At all times they provide a space for the children to let their imaginations roam around on the walls and project their own stories onto them.

On the main wall Talya and myself worked on a large mural that involved a workshop with the children in the Ansteys Library, where we took imegs from a drawing session we had with them and projected them onto the wall, turning them into giant images that interlink with movement lines.

Here are soem images of th results.

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