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Wolfie is a visual interperatation of some freeflow creative writing I had previously made. It manifested in a sequential story that uses panels to slide from one image to the next, mimicking the traditional Japanese theatre practice of kamishibai.

The story reads:

She wasn’t quite sure how it all happened so suddenly, but she knew that she was the one who now had the task of figuring out which direction to lead the entire mob. they all stood at her back, she could feel the warm breath rising up and sinking down her neck hairs, slowly, patiently. they believed her. she would know. they trusted her every step.

drawing in a deep breath, allowing it to tickle the upper, inner part of her mouth, flow down the back of her throat, fill up her lungs, and in turn blow up her belly, she closed her eyes. momentarily she drifted inward toward herself. the ringing in her ears grew louder as the weight of a million eyeballs slid off her back. as she exhaled she relaxed the skin connecting her eyebrows and allowed her cheeks to fall from their bones. her arms unhinged themselves from their sockets and began to float away. her buttocks untightened itself and flopped earthward, gravity kneading what is rightfully hers downward in her ultimate aim of sinking the entire universe. she slowly gave in to the sink. her hair fell limp off her head, her legs, her toes. the air still running past her nostrils, escaping her body in a steady march toward freedom.

as her lungs emptied their last spare space from themselves she opened her eyes and began to draw another breath in, partly out of necessity, but mainly out of habit. to her astonishment they were all closing their eyes and breathing as deeply. every single one of them. they had been watching her every heart beat, noting her every goose bump, feeling her every breath.

bending her knees forward and raising her heels off the floor she hunched over in a rather peculiar position and began to tip toe past the floating arms, weighted bottoms and loose haired followers. she past them and kept on going. she left the room. she left the building. she left the town.

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