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selected work

sense palette: waterline

Sonic Sense Palette, a vibrational listening attempt. discomforting silent noise. hydro vibrations, snapping shrimp, sine waves, shore waves, multispecies communities, ecotones, tech water distortions. the apparatus speaks.

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the long minute: behind the scenes

revitalising old work by adding new sounds in an experimental short film for Willaim Kentridge's The Long Minute.

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drawing from memory of being adrift in the Western Indian Ocean, this performance explores feelings that shifted whilst at sea traversing through cyclonic eddies (large circular patches of peaceful waters and clear skies that are surrounded by towering clouds and storms). it is within these movements from outside edges to center and through that orientation and navigation could occur. through salt and water, I relate this chaos-to-calm to the internal shifts that occurred within me whilst traversing these seascapes, and how I remain affected by this today.

gong fu sinkholes

this body of work contains ongoing research that spans several years into the mysteries surrounding the narrative about the gong fu uprisings in the 1980s in Antananarivo, Madagascar. the research works with ambiguity, politicising it in the context of power while inquiring into the multiple repositories that act as archives for this multifaceted and unsettled story. this work includes my MA dissertation but spills over its edges to before and after as it traces paths through the multiple conflicting stories relating to this narrative found by being present in the Analakely Market in Antananarivo.

restless winds

this tree in Antsiranana sounds the relentless South East trade wind that blows constantly between May to October. working through the material and emotional landscapes of making in high winds, the tree became a site of intimacy for gathering during the outbreak of the plague in Madagascar when all artistic organising came to a halt. artists were invited to pay homage to the winds through an immersive sound experience by sending sounds or moods that I then matched with objects found in the area and dangled in the whistling tree. 

South East Trade Wind

Season 3 of William Kentridge's Center for the Less Good Idea for curator Lindiwe Matshikiza script titled 'Desert'.  I worked with light and animation attempting to keep with a tactile analog "fake magic".

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harp space

an ode to play, Harp Space invited visitors of all ages to immerse themselves in sensory sound exploration. the sonic sculpture asked visitors to stay a while, opening their senses toward the perceptive shifts that emerge as they touch light, feel tones and move with resonance.

Conceptualised by Meghan Judge and implemented by Thingking with sound guidance by Brendan Bussy. The works were made for Spier Light Art festival. 

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sound lines

Working from materiality, memory, and feeling, the silent sounds and hidden scapes found in these compositions of machine error draw from the experience of being out on the ocean in high weathering activity whilst traversing the Cape of Storms and then up the Mozambican channel in the Indian Ocean to Mayotte.

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static drift

Static Drift is an online/interactive platform for inquiry into opening perceptions toward human-ocean relations based on my PhD dissertation and related solo exhibition.

the lonely sailor weather report

a broadcast series that emits from a weathering station. instead of broadcasting marine shipping reports out to the sailors, this station broadcasts from the lonesome sailor in the ocean back to land. the lonely sailor is caught up in the weather - has slipped out of human signal and entered into a fluid, wet zone of weathering activity. the weather broadcasts drift through multiple weathering experiments and collaborations with various practitioners and weathering agencies.


curation of SIRA, a virtual residency that acts like salt, allowing seemingly disparate parts to release and find each other, crystalising into shapes of their own making. SIRA undoes colonial and political divides that were especially heightened in the 2020 pandemic.

the tunnel of us

Tunnel Of Us is a site-specific project that engaged with people’s place-making in the congested Tunnel Ambanidia in Antananarivo, Madagascar. it explores place-making in urgent environments that open slow portals to homes through marks of presence. it critically plays into this by sending messages out and waiting for a response.

mosaic interactive

a collaborative work wherein videos were generated from fragments gathered at the wall in Palestine. footage of everyday life and collected dreams from children living at the wall were turned into interactive animation performances that musicians and artist collaborators could respond to live on stage at Big Ears music festival 2019.

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lost lover

a collaborative film and sonic performance responding to Dion Monte's nostalgia sound recordings that played with making a collective philosophy of the archetype 'The Lost Lover'. 

Music by Dion Monti, Performed by Dion Monti, Choreography by Llewellyn Mnguni, Video processing and projection by Meghan Judge, Lighting design by Gretchen Blegen

This project formed apart of WRITING FOR THE EAR, WRITING FOR THE EYE
curated by Bettina Malcomess and Bhavisha Panchia at The Centre for the Less Good Idea, Season 3

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Facilitation and curation of cultural exchanges between artists in the Western Indian Ocean and the African continent between 2014-2019

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