Tonal Feels. A sensory palette for oceanic relations that mark difference. Ongoing.


Working from materiality, memory and feeling, the silent sounds and hidden scapes found in these compositions of machine error draw from the experience of being out on the ocean in high weathering activity whilst traversing the Cape of Storms then up the Mozambican channel in the Indian Ocean to Mayotte.

They work through relations that have mounded through embodied encounters with elemental weathering activities, movement of organisational art networks and slipping from and through various terra standpoints toward oceanic thinking, all of which occurred across space and time. 

These iterative re-turns through begin to tone out a form of searching outside of signal and into static that open toward the noisy relations that static is.

IMG_3821 (1).PNG

(Exploring the desert, and the southern Malagasy saying that the desert is housed within a cube, the edges of which (north, south, east and west) are the invisible barriers that send your voice back to you when you call out (echo), a game played by children of the southern desert regions. Thinking of this in relation to eco-location in the ocean, while trying to locate the ocean inside my psyche. This sonic exploration has been inspired by Temandrota, a Malagasy artists who I have worked with on several occasions. As an outsider, my interpretations of such musings can only ever be imagined as I have never experienced growing up in this way, and so the use of glitchy photocopies as a visual medium to try and see through brings the gaze into question while it attempts to seek.)

(SINK: bond)


(SINK: vibrate)


(SINK: fill)


Sound Lines

Moments and traveling parts found in textures that mimic sound