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S t a tic   D ri f t

a sonic inquiry into human-ocean relations

Static Drift is an online/interactive platform for inquiry into opening perceptions toward human-ocean relations 


It moves through space and time to build a praxis of oceanic sensibilities


noise is highlighted as a zone of contact to drift with-in where noise is treated as data and discomfort associated with it as a sensory response to data encounter 

this exhibition disjoins from climates of singularity and power associated with oceanic relations to locate a multiplicity that working with the ocean proposes 


these works re-turn to an embodied experience of traversing the Indian Ocean, which is the most sensitive ocean in the world 


this sensitiveness is taken up to inquire into weathering systems and weathering-weathered bodies through sensory perceptions 


 noise and perception bring oceanic inquiry into a zone of churning with elemental media and wayward sensing from anthropocentric, overdetermined  formations of relationing

toward amphibiousness

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