This research is ongoing. It takes the pace and shape of a continuous returning and a slow mounding. The research skirts the external and internal while I physically navigate and trace narratives that exist around material places of importance to said narratives. I spend time at these sites of importance and build from here. 

Conversations around the Kung Fu Uprisings in Antananarivo

Ongoing research that spans several years into the mysteries surrounding the narratives about the gong fu uprisings in the 1980s in Antananarivo, Madagascar. The research includes trying to trace paths through the multiple conflicting narratives found in Analakely Market; surprise conversations and then built projects with a woman who trained when gong fu was made illegal and forced underground; concerns and reflections on following leads in places where I am an outsider; clippings, booklets, graphic novels and other research fragments found along the way; found objects in Antananarivo; and further research into the role that martial arts plays within uprisings and movements against power. 

Here is an array of visual, sonic and other experimental manifestations of the research so far. Many of these pieces explore how to bring across an ambiguity that exists due to the multiplicity of small and large overlapping, conflicting and strengthening narratives. This project also forms the research for a film in the making. 

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