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These Ghosts will Linger is a critique of knowledge production within the university structures. The artwork looks at the role that educational institutions have in silencing social narratives within the production of their archives and histories by putting forward the challenge that this knowledge is systematically produced out of chaotic and ambiguous spaces. The exhibition took place inside the Anthropology museum, historically a problematic space that looks through the 'white gaze' of Eurocentric research whilst studying 'others'. Notions such as 'selecting', 'itemising', 'capturing', 'discovering', 'silencing' and 'revealing narratives' are in dialogue within the artwork, as it flows along the institutions architectural structures, boundaries and limits that reflect through the glass windows within the museum's foyer. The glass acts as a surface, a page, that holds only what has been added to it: abstract visual imaginings of the debates happening within the university walls, about what history is, was or should be. However, beyond the surface of the glass, everyday life continues, never pausing to wait for the abstractions on the university walls to catch up.

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