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Scapes is a site-specific, reflective work that draws on my memory of being adrift in the Indian Ocean for one month whilst sailing from Cape Town to Mayotte on a 32ft yacht.  In this work, I explore the politics of my body as a site of knowledge and emotion whilst it comes into contact with the materials of the ocean. Drawing from the feelings that have shifted on the sailing trip I recall a natural phenomenon called Cyclonic Eddies: large circular patches of peaceful waters and clear skies that are surrounded by towering clouds and storms. It is within these circular moments of calm that the small yacht I was on could navigate forward towards its new path. This natural phenomenon is symbolic of the internal shifts that occurred within me whilst traversing these seascapes, and the effects that they still have on me today. They also point toward the probability that internal landscapes have shifted for many others whilst on the ocean for long periods of time. In this sense, the ocean itself can be seen to perform a shaping role within social history, through its effects on personal narratives housed within people whilst on their voyages. 


I animated salt onto my body and then projected this animation of my body into a place within which I performed live with salt.

- performance, projection, salt, water

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