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This body of work aims to allow for research that has fallen by the way to come to light again through the process of revisiting and speaking back into it either through sound or other means. I view these 'old' works as a critical part of my art making processes and here I attempt to breathe into them again, layering my present moment into these past experiences. 

Video for The Center for the Less Good Idea's Long Minute curated by Bronwyn Lace


This piece is a reflection of how Meghan has experienced this particular time.

In Meghan’s words: “In this piece, I am revitalising old work by adding new sounds. Instead of the usual process of categorisation and extraction that manipulates the moving image into some kind of perfection, I am allowing the flickering mood of the imperfections within this piece to carry an atmosphere and tale of their own. What emerges for me is a thickening of the self, which lies within the layered intimacies and violences that come with facing the old to become anew.”

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