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Re-pattern: convergence, divergence

with Hugh Davison

Emits low humming sounds, and sometimes no sounds at all, while the lights perched precariously on top of the speaker shine into the water to reflect the patterns that appear in the water across large areas on the roof and walls. Magnified, the patterns in the water change as the low humming vibrations change. Both the humming and the patterns reflected from it spill over into the other artworks in the basement, activating shadows in their flicker and adding thickness to the soniczones. Standing over the speakers looking into the water, the vibrating patterns, though largely active, at times register against a stillness in the water. Similarly, the sound of the low humming is sometimes audible and sometimes silent, even though the water might move in these silent moments


ghost activity

ghost matter

uncontainable container

sine waves were worked into a sculpture using a bass amp speaker, a lot of wires and a glass container of witwatersrand ridge underwater upwell 

 silence and sound pattern a perceptible zone that contains both what cannot be heard or sensed, and what can be heard and sensed

the water itself seemed to continuously want to escape its particles and return to the watery body that the basement is, disappearing from vision and moving onto the next reservoir in the atmosphere which was once an underground welling up of water

conversational shaping

no pure wave form

diffracted patterns

sonic thickness

touch the medium (water)

feel the thickness of vibrations

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