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fieldnotes from the wormhole

with Môta Soa, Zayaan Khan, Nina Barnette, Lauren Manning, Joanne Peers as oceanic practitioners

the scattering of salt mounds with tweeters dangling above: a zone where your proximity to the tweeters adjusts the volume of the sounds around you 

place your ear closer to the tweeter to distil sound a little more

a wormhole to opens to ...

 at the ecotone

a view of the rest of the sculptures can be seen: the micro worlds that the set-ups produce all resonating across and through one another into the larger soniczone


you have to decenter both your reliance on vision as well as your body to listen in to these sculptures, or if your body cannot contort in such ways you may consider intervening into the apparatus to pick up the wires of the tweeter and bring it to your ear



cupping sound waves

re-oriented enough to find a sense of what to locate with-in

the soniczone is reconceived through its parts

scroll for five


noise and quiet, loud and soft, up and down, sound and salt all pull a rhythm that the body can sense into

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