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Field recordings merged into an immersive (sampled and looped) sonic experience of Analakely Market in Antananarivo, Madagascar. These experiences tie in with one of the multiple narratives surrounding the history of kung fu in the country, crucial events of which occured around this market place in the late 1980s.

Trying to find reflections of Taoist teachings in Mount Qingcheng, birthplace of Taoism I came across a peaceful temple and sat in the silence away from the tourists, letting my mind unravel into the deep green and damp nature all around. I came to seek out what had inspired the many deep studies based on copying nature that had inspired some beautiful teachings in martial arts. It took me a moment to realise that my sense of bliss was being heightened by soft music coming from a fake rock strategically positioned in the shrubs. 'The mimicry continues' I thought, before I could get annoyed.

Recording conversations and ideas with those gathered at the Phakamisa opening of Dlala Indima, a project run by Buntu Fihla and Kwanele Mboso: 

After looking I did find. A gathering of Afrikaans people celebrating and remembering those who lost their lives to cancer on a sports field at the bottom of a small town, dewetsdorp, South Africa. This sound clip is a part of research into small town living in South Africa.
Mighty Tiny is a project apart of VANSA's 2010 Reasons To Live In A Small Town.

In Chengdu, China, there is a park where residents gather to exercise, relax and be together. It is a place where, as an outsider, I found I could escape the tourist traps and be with the people of the city in a way that they choose to hang out. At this particular moment I came across an orchestra of elderly people who were warming up to perform so I sat down with a group that had gathered on little plastic chairs and waited. It was baking hot and we were all fanning ourselves waiting. Some curious people next to me began to ask where I was from and then a woman proceeded to sing me a song.

Exploring the frequency of the surrounds in Dewetsdorp, South Africa. Radio, a powerful tool of communication, with a particularly powerful history in South Africa.

Sounds at night in Dewetsdorp. I went looking for signs of life in the stillness of the small town Dewetsdorp. 
This sound clip is apart of research conducted for Mighty Tiny, a project apart of VANSA's 2010 Reasons To Live In A Small Town.

The sounds of a small town in South Africa called Dewetsdorp in the afternoon, whilst taking a stroll. This is a part of my research conducted on the Mighty Tiny project, that was apart of the 2010 Reasons To Live In A Small Town by VANSA, 2011.

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