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Face Deep

Face Deep is an experimental, animated (stop motion) film that allows for a free-flow of thought and exploration of self within an otherwise overly produced, technical and character driven practice. It was exhibited at Greatmore Studios, Cape Town as a part of a group show with a focus on experimental and collaborative art. This sequentially photographed film looks at animator as lead character, allowing internal personalities/burning stories, to emerge on skin surface whilst a sense of play within the medium is explored. By listening to the songs of local low-fi Cape Town band Tape Hiss and Sparkle on loop, the raw and honest lyrics/sounds from Simon Tamblyn lead the animator deeper into herself to explore her own raw and honest inner spaces. The film allows one orator to evoke new stories in another, and for their different methods of story telling (sound/visual) to co-exist together; sometimes it is another persons truth that helps us explore our own.


Meghan Judge, Simon Tamblyn 

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