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even my pores itch

Set up to bring the vastness of space in contact with the thickness of static. A visitor can enter through an opening on the side, and when inside there is a small radio (small in proximity to the ring of space it is in) playing constant static. In this ring, space is cleared for static. This sculpture re-turns to my iterative mounding of locating relations with-in static. The radio is the very same radio that i used while stuck in my apartment during the initial wave of lockdowns in 2020. Unable to physically travel there, i used this radio to try and pick up signals from the shoreline, along with internet radio. In both cases, i failed. But what came from this attempt was the realisation that it wasn't the station i was seeking, it was the static itself. In the visualisations of signal, i noticed that the spectrogram became thicker the deeper in between signal i searched: static is a thick zone. This realisation helped me to link the moment of radio loss on the vessel with the rise of static as a space wherein i became more than my comforts of terra.

an elemental understanding of mediums through which signal moves gives rise to a relationship where bounded and unbounded band together: as the radio dial searches, what exists between broads and casts and what bounds them all together can be sensed through the "intrusion" of static

it is the silence and the noise – the unsound – beyond it

how static are perceived ranges within unsound between silence and noise


mark making as ongoing inquiry


these marks leaked into other iterative re-turns

spectral time


taken back to 

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