Meghan Judge is an artist, researcher and organiser who works with sound, materials and social narratives. Her works generally experiment with time and often condense into moods and atmospheres that are affected by and speak to the material world. Currently, Meghan is working with the Indian Ocean as a theme for exploring intersections and possible shifts at the meeting points of hegemonic and Earth System power. 


Compositionally, Meghan is interested in how multiples come together, how difference is contained and the importance of noise and dissonance in relation to this. She has taken part in and organized artistic exchange experiments, both as participating artist and as curator/organizer. These include ongoing activity in the Africa|Nosy Art Echange that finds connectivity (despite border constraints) and generates actions amongst artists in Southern/Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean.

She is a PhD Fellow in the Oceanic Humanities for the Global South project at WiSER, Wits University.

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