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wayfinding channels

sensing sonic channels to drift in

note taking as a way to stay in the channels

disjoin into temporalities of drift

We were somewhere in the Mozambican Channel in between Mozambique, Kenya and Madagascar, though no land was in sight. This area was not registered against the lands its oceans finally touched. It was a surface of water highly activated with-in weathering activities, sometimes calm, sometimes not. Travelling up this channel meant travelling against its strong currents and so catching the winds was how we manoeuvred through the waters. Here, the winds left the back of our sails and seemed to gust sideways or against us, twirling us around in topological patterns of its own makings. How many days and nights this happened for, i have no recollection.


in as much as drift proposes a way of doing (i.e. method), it necessarily demands an undoing too

drifting is a sensory experience wherein the materialities move you, and the rich potentials for be-coming alongside and through them arrange within a temporal zone

a time of temporal shift - a temporality of change - where the bodies in this weather became weathered into by the markings of time as it merged multiple temporalities

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