A Lonely Sailor Weather Station: Broadcast Series

These little broadcasts come from a weather station I am experimenting with. However, this weather station doesn't broadcast the usual marine shipping reports. Instead, it broadcasts from the site of the lonely sailor, back to land. The lonely sailor is caught up in the weather - has slipped out of human signal into a more watery signal with the weather. The entire project attempts to drift, crystalise and mound like salt, through multiple experiments and collaborations with various practitioners. 

Iteration 1 below was created as a way to begin finding a world, a mood, an atmosphere. it is inspired both by memories of being adrift as well as shipping reports that lull land-based listeners to sleep at night. In this iteration, time experiments bring different temporalities into encounters with one another. The entirety of the looping images are the result of finding containers for different parts to exist together. The parts therein draw from formal marine nato language structures, humans continual search for surfaces beyond ourselves, becomings and unbecomings at sea, as well as marine facts about the materialities of the ocean. Viewers are invited to stay still with the moving image, sinking into it for as long as they like. 

I’ve been out here, delta delta, rising slowly. The frontal systems, 3 or 4, occasionally 5, have been sinking below my skin.

At times I am good, occasionally poor, becoming lighter in the afternoon. My breath tends to subside, lima echo, becoming zero after midnight.

The gust, unsettled and at times cyclonic, blows knots into my core, as we build our identities in a northeasterly direction.

As the night light grows at my surface, precipitation increases in an anti clockwise direction. Rough. Good. Calm. And we swell 3 to 4.5 meters.

The moving mass - all forty-four octillion living microbial cells - transmogrifies beneath me. November Oscar, November Oscar: at mid-period it transmogrifies me.

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