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Cyclonic lines

Cyclonic Lines draws on embodied, material, organisational and collaborative experiences of slowly building networks in the Indian Ocean space with a focus on the ocean itself as a container for this weathered activity.

Horizon Lines

Through photocopy glitches and textures I have tried to seek out horizon lines that speak into both space as well as noise. Within this body of work, I am exploring the desert, and the southern Malagasy saying that the desert is housed within a cube, the edges of which (north, south, east and west) are the invisible barriers that send your voice back to you when you call out (echo), a game played by children of the desert regions. This work has been inspired by Temandrota, a Malagasy artists who I have worked with on several occasions. As an outsider, my interpretations of such musings can only ever be imagined as I have never experienced growing up in this way, and so the use of glitchy photocopies as a visual medium to try and see through questions the gaze as well as demonstrates the attempts to seek.

Sound Lines

Moments and traveling parts found in textures that mimic sound

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